23575 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265 (map)


  • Fri, Aug 31st: 4pm – 10pm
  • Sat, Sept 1st & Sun, Sept 2nd: 11am – 10pm
  • Mon, Sept 3rd: 11am – 8pm

Getting here:

  • Lyft, Uber, Go Metro
  • Parking Lots: There is limited local parking. We strongly encourage ridesharing, or taking the Metro.
  • Parking is $15 via CASH only


  • Volunteering: We love volunteers! Email us here with your or your group’s interest.
  • Vendor: If you’re interested in having your business represented, email us here!

Free refillable water stations!


We encourage you to bring your EMPTY re-usable water bottles, canisters, etc. so that you stay hydrated using our free refillable water stations!


Ride share is HIGHLY suggested due to limited parking. Download the Parking Map here.


Q: When will entry tickets be on sale?

They’re on sale now! Click here!

Q: Can I pre-purchase carnival ride tickets?

Carnival tickets are only available on site and can be purchased with cash.

Q: Is BGCM Chili Cook-off 2018 for all ages?

Yes, all ages are welcome! Children 5 years old and under are free with a ticketed adult.

Q: Are there ins and outs?

There are NO ins and outs.

Q: Can I bring an empty water bottle?

Yes! We encourage you to bring your EMPTY re-usable water bottle to refill it at our water refill stations!

Q: What’s the camera policy?

No commercial photography is allowed without a credential. Camcorders or any other audio/visual equipment is prohibited unless authorized prior to arrival. Specifically, the following equipment is not permitted: Lenses greater than three and one half inches in length, telephoto or zoom lenses of any kind, interchangeable lenses of any kind, monopods, or tripods or flash equipment of any kind. Malibu Chili Cook Off media officials must clear all wireless equipment.

Q: Can I bring my child?

Yes, it’s a family event and kids 5 and under are free with a ticketed adult!

Q: Do you have on-site Kid Care available?

Yes! We’ll have Kid Care for children 2-10 years old during these times:

Friday: 4pm-7pm
Sat/Sun: Noon-7pm
Monday Noon-6pm
Q: Are you accepting volunteers for the festival?

Yes! Email us at here to volunteer.

Q: Will there be first aid on site?

Yes, First aid will be available, located at the entrance of the event.

Q: Will there be ATMs on site?


Q: Is there a mobile app for the festival?

No, there is no mobile app, but our site is mobile-phone friendly!

Q: Is there parking at the Chili Cook-off?

Yes, There is limited local parking, or we suggest taking Lyft or Uber, or plan your trip on metro.net. Parking lots can be accessed from Stuart Ranch Rd.

Q: I am mobility impaired. Are there places for me to view the music shows?


Q: Will I need a special wristband to use ADA viewing areas?


Q: Where do I go for lost and found?

Visit the information & guest services booths onsite

Q: Can I bring my pet?

Only ADA approved pets are allowed entry.

Q: Can I bring my comfort pet?



Q: Are single day tickets available?

Yes, visit the ticket page!

Q: I didn’t receive a confirmation of my purchase.

Contact support here.

Q: What type of credit card can I use to purchase passes?

Any major credit cards

Q: What is the price for an entry ticket? Is there a discount for going multiple days?

Click here for Entry ticket prices. Yes, there is a discounted 4-day ticket pass.


NO Aerosol Products/Aerosol Cans
NO Aluminum Cans
NO Air Horns/Noisemakers
NO Audio Recording Devices
NO Backpacks
NO Bikes
NO Bottles (glass)
NO Cameras or video cameras (no Pro and no detachable lens)
NO Chains/Chain Wallets
NO Chairs
NO Coolers
NO Drones, Remote Control Aircraft/Toys/Cars
NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
NO Cigarettes
NO e-Cigs/Vapes
NO Comfort Pets
NO Fireworks/Explosives/Road Flares
NO Flags
NO Flyers/Sampling/Giveaways
NO Glow Sticks/LED Gloves
NO Guns/Ammunition/Tasers
NO Hoverboards
NO Hula Hoops
NO Ins & Outs
NO Instruments
NO Kites/Sky Lanterns
NO Knives/Weapons/Sharp Objects
NO Laser Pointers
NO Mace/Pepper Spray
NO Outside Food or Beverage
NO Pets/Animals (unless ADA approved)
NO Professional Filming/Photography
NO Folding Chairs
NO Promotional Items
NO Scooters/Segways
NO Selfie Sticks/Tripods
NO Sharpies/Markers/Paint Pens
NO Squirt Guns/Toy Guns/Sling Shots
NO Stuffed Animals
NO Totems
NO Umbrellas



YES Baby Strollers
YES Blankets/Towels
YES Camelbaks (empty)
YES Cell Phones/Chargers
YES Chapstick/Lip Balm
YES Sealed Cigarettes/Lighters
YES Camera (non-pro, no detachable lenses)
YES Ear Plugs
YES Eye Drops (subject to testing)
YES Fanny Packs/Hip Bags
YES Hats
YES Makeup
YES Parasols
YES Purses/Handbags
YES Skateboards
YES Sun Block (non-aerosol)
YES Sunglasses
YES Walkie-talkies
YES Water Bottles (empty reusable)

The Chili Cook-off is a smoke-free, vape-free and Paparazzi-free zone!


  • Malibu Chili Cook Off Staff/Boys and Girls Club of Malibu are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged goods.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry at any time.
  • All bags and persons entering the Malibu Chili Cook Off venue is subject to search. Bags larger than 17”x13”x8.5”, i.e. backpacks, suitcases, beach bags, etc. will be prohibited from entry into the venue.
  • Guests may not bring any food or beverages into the venue. Food or beverages deemed necessary due to a special dietary need, religious requirement or medical condition may be approved in advance by the Guest Services Department. Guests must dispose of unauthorized items prior to entrance into the venue or return items to their vehicles. Guest Services will not check-in any food or beverage items.
  • Large posters and banners must be inspected by security before being allowed into the venue. The Malibu Chili Cook-off reserves the right to refuse admission of signage. Sticks or poles to hold flags/banners are not permitted.
  • Guests must wear shirts and shoes. No bare feet allowed.

The Chili Cook-off is a smoke-free, vape-free and Paparazzi-free zone!