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  6:00 PM Scott Russo of Unwritten Law
  6:45 PM Flash Mob!
  7:00 PM Cody Dickinson
  8:00 PM Cisco Adler


12:00 PM The Alive!
 12:45 PM Found Art
  1:30 PM Rivers and Suns
  2:15 PM Otto
  3:15 PM Little Dume
  4:15 PM Bobby Alt
  5:15 PM Radnor & Lee


12:00 PM Violet Saturn
  1:00 PM Rock Your World Presents F-Rock Crew: Hip Hop Performance
  2:15 PM FNTN
  3:15 PM Bill Worrell Band
  4:15 PM Robot Nature
  5:15 PM Jesse Jo Stark

Saturday @ 6pm & Sunday @ 6pm:
Shoshana Kutner – Kids Improv & Theater Games – all ages welcome to participate!



6:00 PM Julian Roy
6:45 PM Sophie Galate
7:00 PM Brandon Jenner
8:00 PM Samson



6:00 PM Julia Holland &
Kevin Longden
7:00 PM Malibu Emerging Artists
8:00 PM Adam Yaron




RADNOR & LEE is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Ben Lee and actor/ director Josh Radnor. Their debut album came out in November of 2017, and they have amassed a growing and passionate fanbase around the world.

Brandon Jenner

Brandon Jenner is not the man you might expect him to be. You may recognize his last name but Brandon is very different from what one who is familiar with his family might expect. As a singer/song-writer from Los Angeles, CA, 

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he writes music and lyrics that are organic, honest and thought provoking. His self produced EP ‘Burning Ground’ inspired many on its way to amassing over 10 million streams on Spotify and being played endlessly on Sirius Radio’s Coffee House station. After touring last summer with Rachael Yamagata and Joshua Radin, Brandon went back into his home studio where he wrote, recorded and mixed his next EP entitled ‘Face the World’ which is to be released on July 20, 2018. In this record, Brandon writes honestly about his own battles with abandonment, worthiness and struggles with heartache. ‘Face the World’ is a record for those who are willing to have their emotions brought to the surface, ready to walk through them and begin to let them go. The uplifting music video for the song ‘I Believe’ is a testament to the kind of artist he is. Using his impressive social media reach, he created a platform for people from countries all around the world to share their story and beliefs through their own images and videos. Brandon’s sound is earthy, holistic and peaceful. The world always benefits when songwriters like him are around.

The Alive!

The Alive! Is a California based heavy rock band formed in-between surf & skate sessions in 2017. Featuring Bastian Evans age 13 on guitar & vocals with brothers Kai & Manoa Neukermans age 14 and 10 on drums and bass. The Alive! 

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have been skating, surfing and rocking out together since the ages of 6 and 8. They’ve played Lollapalooza Chile, WSL’s The Founder’s Cup, BottleRock Napa’s main stage, and they were recently listed as one of Stab Magazine’s “30 Under 30 Culture Shifters of Tomorrow”. Their influences range from QOTSA, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Bad Brains, and Tool to The Meters.

Robot Nature

An eclectic synthesis of Modern Pop and infectious Synth Rock, Robot Nature draws from their wide variety of musical influences including Muse, Maroon 5, The Weeknd, & Radiohead. They have built a solid local following by 

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performing over 100 shows in Los Angeles in their first year alone.


Julian Roy grew up in Virginia and has moved all over the world since, from his hometown in Harrisonburg to Thailand, to Nashville, to now Los Angeles. Julian Roy started releasing music in early 2017 and recently moved to Echo Park to 

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continue writing and recording with Quincy Jones’ team, Cisco Adler and Ethan Allen (Ben Harper’s producer). His latest singles have been featured in over 40 playlists on Spotify and Apple music, and has plays across 60 countries worldwide with more than 500k spins. Julian Roy is focused on the human connection and bringing people together through the music, “It’s important now more than ever to focus on our relationships and tell the people around you how much you care.”

Rivers and Suns

RIVERS AND SUNS is the brainchild of Jordan Rivers. With her rugged, vintage vocal styling layered over folksy guitar, Rivers draws you in with her raw ability to lay everything on the table. She sings stories wrought with the pain of lost battles and unlucky draws with

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love. As a self-taught musician and vocalist, she communicates with beautifully unpolished and ruthless honesty. There is something universal and timeless about her music and yet intimate, in a way that draws you in and never holds back.

Rock Your World presents F-Rock Crew

Rock Your World presents FRock Crew: Hip Hop Performance featuring B-boy Fidget and B-boy Chips!



FNTN is a group of best friends playing rock and roll pop. Formed in the Spring of 2013, FNTN (fka FENTON) got their start in Virginia, quickly becoming a must-see act on the college circuit. In the tradition of their formative influences — The Strokes, 

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The Stones, and David Bowie — FNTN put on a live show that is equal parts adrenaline-fueled intensity and melodies that stick in your head. FNTN’s music combines their live show’s energy with reflective lyrics and new wave flourishes. Their first EP, Indigo (2016), fused surf pop guitars with a Talking Heads-indebted sense of rhythm to create the ultimate soundtrack for late night driving. Its lead single, “Indigo,” has over 20,000 streams on SoundCloud and counting. The Lucid Dreams EP built on Indigo’s rock roots while incorporating Vaporwave and Synth-pop elements. Online tastemakers featured the EP’s two singles, “One More Ride” and “Other Nights,” on multiple playlists; “Other Nights” also received attention as the band’s debut music video. Since relocating to Los Angeles, FNTN built their own studio in Topanga Canyon and began work on a new set of songs. FNTN filters all their influences through a classic rock ethos that is theirs alone. “FNTN tap The Beatles, 90s Britpop, and Frank Ocean for a unique, evolving sound.” – The Argonaut


From all growing up in Malibu since childhood hence the name Little Dume, they are the perfect mix of alternative rock/mainstream with a dark eerie twist. Their debut song “Dangerous Man” created a viral reaction from fans 

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across the globe. Little Dume is gearing up to release their first EP in fall 2018.


Sophie Galate grew up in Malibu, CA, jamming with her local talented musician friends, some of whom she still makes music with today. Her music is inspired by her deep passion for jazz and R&B, which she honed in on while studying in Chicago, 

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one of the most historical jazz cities in the country.


iOTTO! formed last year when southern Cal bassist Tye Trujillo and lead singer/guitarist Bryan Noah Ferretti from the Bay Area decided to part ways from previous band The Helmets, and pursue and target all original material with drummer/producer

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Jonah Abraham. OTTO will be recording their first record in July, with select gigs coming up in the very near future. The music of OTTO is diverse, and heavy, centered around groove metal, alternative hard rock, with elements of funk coming from this fiery young energized rhythm section.



Bill Worrell is an internationally touring guitarist, composer, and songwriter. His recent tour credits include lead guitarist for the Grammy-winning band, “America”. Bill’s music combines blues, rock, and even progressive rock. Having played

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for acts such as “America”, and Eagles tribute band “The Long Run – Experience the Eagles”, these influences shine through. Bill combines stellar guitar playing with world-class musicianship. If you’re a guitar fan, this is an act you won’t want to miss.

Adam Yaron

LA-native singer/songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer Adam Yaron is passionate about making eclectic music that touches, moves, and uplifts. With his truthful songwriting, clean instrumentation, and soulful voice, he is  bringing back a 

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rawness to pop music that has been long missing. At only 19, he is working on his first wave of original releases inspired by the likes of Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Kacey Musgraves, and Leon Bridges. Look out for his fresh debut single “One More Day!”.


Julia Holland and Kevin Longden are teaming up again for a fun set at this year’s Chili Cook-off. Familiar faces in the local Malibu music scene, they are well loved as versatile artists and private instructors.

Shoshana Kutner – Kids Improv & Theater Games

Young Actors Project is a critically acclaimed performing arts school in Malibu dedicated to the growth and self-expression of young artists. We create a fun, challenging, and exciting  atmosphere for students to

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exercise their imagination explore their creativity and gain lasting self-confidence. Program director Shoshana Kuttner has been training actors to perform, teach, and create exciting theatre, films, and improv shows for over 15 years.

SCOTT RUSSO of Unwritten Law